Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

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Have you ever struggled with making a decision?   There are times when making an important decision causes a great deal of stress and  you wonder if the decision you are making is the best one.  Many external influences can confuse and complicate the decision making process, other people’s opinions, media, doing research or even “this is the way it has always been done” comments.  However, it is always better to trust your inner wisdom/intuition when making important life decisions.  Only you can judge what is the  appropriate action to take, which leads you on your personal path in life.  We are all given choices and opportunities to help us learn life’s lessons and how we make our decisions becomes more important as we mature and develop our own independence.  There is a wealth of information that can be obtained from researching any question we may have, but all the information needs to go through a personal filter to find out if it is compatible with the spirit  within you.  Taking the time to find the truth within ourselves can lead to many revelations about our inner strength and wisdom.  This may take a concerted effort to really get in touch with your personal truth, but this can be life changing.

I recently have been reading a book which can aid in the process written by Sonia Choquette called The Power of Your Spirit: A Guide to Joyful Living published by Hay House Publishers.  She provides an enriching method to help the reader find the intuitive powers within and utilize them to  change their life and help them find the path their Spirit was meant to follow.  Denying or suppressing our inner truth can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction with life, depression, and even physical illness.  It is very important to take the time to find your passion and where your path is leading you.  Doing this will help with finding peace and joy in your life.  I would recommend this book and author.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sonia at  a conference and found her to be very caring and sincere and she is very dedicated to helping others find what truly is their personal truth by following their inner wisdom and getting in touch with their Spirit.

We all need to remember that life is meant to be a journey and not a race and finding your inner wisdom will make this journey so much more enjoyable!

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