Finding Your Balance

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This past weekend I spent time at the Women’s Wellness Weekend at South Mountain YMCA Camp.  It was a weekend of activities designed to help the participants explore ways to make their lives healthier.  Activities such as Yoga, Yogidance, Tai Chi, Drumming, Nutrition, Integrated Energy Therapy, Near Death  Experiences, Basket Making, and other motivational topics were offered .  There were also Keynote Speakers who explained the many challenges that they overcame to become successful women in their fields.  Addressing the mind, body, spiritual, and emotional aspects in our lives is key to managing our stress.  Being part of of the committee planning this weekend, being part of the experiences, and seeing the enjoyment and healing taking place during that time, was truly a rewarding feeling.  It is very important for each of us to take time out to care for ourselves if we want to maintain a balanced life.  Not only does self-caring benefit you personally, but will also benefit your relationships with others.

Life becomes richer when we make loving ourselves a priority, which helps us share love with others. This is how true happiness and peace can be achieved and only through personal exploration can we find how balancing our lives will work.  Approaching this part of life with a positive attitude is a huge first step and can lead to life changing events.  One way of illustrating this concept is to look at a vase of flowers.  The vase represents the person’s life.  You fill it with the basics: work, family, and home, then it is your responsibility to add the color and beauty to  the vase.  Friends, activities, family, spiritual growth, and community are the flowers with the center flower being love for oneself and then we add as much or as little as we desire to create our life’s masterpiece.  We make and design our own lives and we can add the beauty that will help us live a balanced life!

Take time to sit down, quiet your mind and let your soul speak to you about what you truly need to be a healthier and happier you!

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