Take Time for Reflection

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As we move from Thanksgiving to the Christmas preparations, we need to take time to reflect on our lives.  Many times we get so caught up in the activities and the hustle and bustle of daily life, that we tend to forget what the true direction of our life should be.  Finding the time to connect with our heart and soul and prioritize activities that draws us closer to our ultimate life purpose, may mean taking time to reflect on where the road we are traveling is truly leading us.  Each of us has a specific talent or role to assume in the greater scheme of the universal plan and only we can find the appropriate place to find peace and joy in our life’s calling.
Beginning from the heart and understanding that we need to love ourselves and find the desire to do what is best for ourselves will be a start to understanding how we can build relationships.  We meet people on our journey through life and some of those people help us to learn lessons about ourselves and discover things we would like to change in the way we interact with others and life in general.  We need to discern if the negative habits and behaviors we observe in others is really a recognition of personal issues that concerns us in the way we handle situations in our lives.  When we have learned from any given encounter, we move onto the next lesson we feel will help in our evolution into a better person.  The real purpose of each event in our lives is to be able to reflect and pick out what insight we have gained from the situation and understand how it will help us attain the personal growth we are seeking.
Through our personal growth we also gain an understanding about the people around us.  When we take time to be grateful for all that we receive, we can better recognize the feelings and struggles of others.  Being compassionate and understanding with others can be a way of paying forward the knowledge we have gained. Helping others, not only provides the recipient with a blessing, but also provides the philanthropist with the ultimate gift of sharing love with another.  This is not only good for the heart and soul, but also provides many benefits for the health of the individual.  It helps us get back to the basics of knowing we are all one in spirit and everyone should be treated with love and respect.

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