New Year, New Beginning!

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It is very common to make New Year’s resolutions to change the way we look at the world around us or to change behaviors we feel no longer work for us.  Although the holiday season is very busy, it is a good time to evaluate what has happened throughout the past year or years and decide what we must do to change.  As a result of these self-reflections, we gain  insight into how we want to proceed or what part of our lives we desire to make more progress to a higher level of accomplishment.  We tend to put more emphasis on a new start in a new year, however every day offers a fresh start and new opportunities.  Changing the way we think and deal with situations is a personal choice and the more positive and receptive we are to learning new ideas, the more we add to our personal growth.  Writing in a journal is a very helpful way to recognize the blessings in our lives and express gratitude for them.  This is also a way to recognize what is not working.  When we read over the entries, it helps us realize there may be recurrent events and issues in our lives that need improving or changes.  Expressing goals and future desires can also be beneficial since writing them down makes them more attainable, as our thoughts expand and we explore the possibilities and find creative ways to attain these goals.  Talking and discussing ideas with friends and other people, who we respect,  can add valuable insight in how to make wishes to improve our lives become a reality.  The choice is ours, we hold the key to what our future holds in the New Year and every day of our lives.

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