A Gift From the Heart

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The month of February is traditionally thought of as the month focusing on Love.  Valentine’s Day provides the opportunity to express our deepest feelings of love to signicant others in our lives.  However, this is also a time when we can share our love with others we may not know personally.  When are hearts are filled with love we feel an overwhelming need to share the good feelings with others.  We may smile at people we meet on the street, give a compliment to someone who provides a service, or make a special effort to do a random act of kindness.  This not only spreads the joyous feelings to others, but also expands the feeling within our own heart.  I recommend the video on www.soulcialize.com to help you gain a better perspective and understanding of how sharing love can change your life in many significant ways. As we move closer to the end of the month dedicated to showing love, I feel it can be a greater legacy to keep sharing the warm and comforting feeling of giving and receiving love with others throughout the year! 

The Blessings of sharing God’s Love and Light with others are always returned continuously.

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