Facing Life’s Challenges

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As we look at the appalling events at the Boston Marathon, we need to come together as compassionate human beings and offer prayers for the victims, families, and communities.  As we strive to understand the logic and actions of these types of activities, we must also keep the faith and know this is a very small minority who wish to bring harm to others.  Emphasizing the compassion and heroic deeds that were seen in the aftermath helps us remember we are all connected in the greater scheme of the universe.  We tend to get caught up in our own lives and problems until we witness these life changing events.  We need to be more compassionate and open to our neighbors and our communities and encourage engagement to resolve our disagreements.  When we are focused on personal thoughts, we tend to have negative reactions to everything that happens around us and many times it is a matter of lives intersecting at at the wrong time when we are unable to objectively process the events and we lash out.  Taking time to stop, take a deep breath and calm ourselves will help us gain perspective and rethink our initial reactions,  helping us prevent a situation from escalating out of control resulting in unfortunate results.  Taking time to look at our attitudes and our thought patterns, can help us make changes for improving the direction we want to travel on our path.  Events such as the recent tragedy in Boston have changed peoples lives forever and we must also learn what we must do to enable us to move forward in our lives and endeavor to be the best person we can be.

Our extended thoughts and prayers for all those affected by the events in Boston as the begin to heal!

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