Connecting with Your Higher Power

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There are many times throughout our lives that we get discouraged or confused about which direction our lives should take. We seek guidance from many sources who may all share their opinions. It is up to us to decide what the right path for us to take. Finding the answers can be easier than we think. I have found connecting with a Higher Power, which for me is trusting God for answers, has made the solutions easier to find and I am never disappointed. The spirit which is within all of us needs to be acknowledged and can be accessed through quieting the outside influences in our lives. Spending time alone and meditating, praying, or just quieting the mind can lead to many discoveries of what we really desire and are destined to accomplish. Being true to oneself and finding a life with peace and happiness begins by working on finding out who we are and loving ourselves for the person we are or making the changes to fit our expectations. No one else can make you happy, this feeling comes from within us and we are responsible for finding that place. God walks with us and helps us understand that if we trust him, he will help us accomplish anything we desire. His unconditional Love and Light will help us through the good times and the not so good times. We all have lessons to learn and we need to understand anything that we encounter is an opportunity to learn and hopefully share with others. As we work on developing our mind, body, spirit, and emotions, we need to remember we have the strength to move forward with the help of a Higher Power.

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