Be A Catalyst For Children

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It is very important that adults become catalyst for children.  We need to build relationships with children and encourage them as they grow. Building their confidence and self appreciation will help them become healthier and happier as they go through life.  Being a good role model is very important, especially with your own children.  They will copy behaviors they witness faster than being told what to do.  In my book Changing Our Legacy of Stress: Helping Future Generations, I discuss ways we can build relationships in our schools, organizations, and communities.  Building relationships based on trust and mutual respect, help children become confident and less likely to bully others as a way to cover their own insecurities.  Providing unconditional love for all children helps them blossom into their individual personalities which enriches our world.  Creativity is built on encouragement from others and personal determination to reach personal goals.  Being supportive and showing kindness helps everyone including adults, but it is even more important to help a child who is getting started developing the body, mind, spirits, and emotions.  Let us all become catalysts who can help make a difference in our children’s future!

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