Christmas Is A Precious Gift

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In this season of hustle and bustle as we prepare for Christmas we must slow down and rethink our priorities.  God gave us the most precious gift when he sent his son Jesus to become one of us and pay the price for our sins and misdoings. Christmas is a celebration of this precious gift.  Jesus died and rose again, shedding his blood so that we are given the everlasting life promised by God, who said whosoever believes in his son, shall have everlasting life.  I have believed in God and Jesus Christ since I was young and God has always walked beside me and provided for me.  As I increase my understanding and faith in all his teachings, I have realized the full impact God will make in life’s journey. Several years ago at Christmas, I asked God to help me understand how I could discover his mission for me in serving him.  It has been a personal journey in discovering, learning and trusting the path God has for me in my personal, business, and spiritual  development.  I needed to release my control and put my trust in God’s will and perfect plan for me.  I have had personal struggles, financial challenges, and many tears and questions to be answered.  God walked along the path with me and always surrounded me with his unconditional LOVE and took care of me and my family.  he helped me to understand that he will protect me, lead me and provide everything for me if I let go of control and let him work his miracles.  He sends teachers to help me understand his Word in the Bible and how his promises are for everyone who believes in him.  He has restored our finances, lives, and helped my businesses grow as we walk the path he shows us.  I know God had granted me the glory of his favor and helps me expand my mission to help his children see his Love and Light.  I encourage all to seek God and Christ Jesus, accept them into your lives and you will see miraculous changes in your situations and circumstances.  Read the Bible, you will find answers to all life’s challenges.  Find a faith based church, or tune into the Trinity Broadcast Network and listen to many gifted teachers explain how God will change you life.  I am very grateful for all the Blessings and Opportunities God has provided.  Gratitude for all we receive is very important since we need to recognize all gifts and not focus on what we think we need or do not have.  God has given us the most precious gift at Christmas and we need to stop and recognize how this gift can change our lives to the most beautiful path imaginable.  God Bless All of You and Have A Merry Christmas!!!!

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