Note from Karen

A Note from the Owner of KEF Consulting, LLC

Holistic Stress Management utilizes education on the connection between body, mind, spirit, and emotions and personal well being. Understanding that everyone can attain balance and life satisfaction by exploring how thoughts affect the disease process is part of this science based education. Finding ways to change life experiences to more positive outcomes can be accomplished through accessing information shared by professionals and researchers who reveal lessons learned from the past.

I encourage anyone interested in exploring ways to change their thought and habits to read motivational books and listen to inspirational speakers about making life changes. Hay House Publishers is one company who has several authors who provide exceptional books, tapes and programs to help betterunderstand steps that could help with relaxation and making positive changes to their readers’ lives. Since I have used many of there publications and attended some of their events, I have decided to become an affliate with Hay House. Here is the link to help anyone interested in exploring ways to make changes to their lives, begin that journey today.

I wish you Good Health on your journey to peace and serenity!


Karen Frey

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